Justin Bieber recently posted a video to YouTube where he sings the guitar solo to the Metallica classic 'Fade to Black.' Meanwhile, flesh eating zombies continue to tear through the Midwest with no signs of stopping. Did you notice how the first sentence was more terrifying than the second? Unleash the horror that is Bieb-tallica here.

Can't we make a law against this sort of thing? First Miley Cyrus ruined 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in her pre-tweeker Hannah Montana days... and now this? It's one thing to cover a song and pay homage to your heroes, but it's another thing when the simple fact that you even know a song exists makes it less cool. The sad thing is that sales of 'Ride the Lightning' will probably jump now because none of his fans know the source material.

Metallica has done plenty to tarnish their legacy over the years (the war on Napster, 'Lulu,' the continued employment of Lars, etc.). How about you cut them some slack and leave the still-celebrated portion of their catalog alone, Biebs? If you still feel the need to cover Metallica, we'll give you all of 'St. Anger' and a 'Reload' song to be named later.