The Covid-19 pandemic has given many musicians time to work on new music, but one of note is Tool bassist Justin Chancellor, who revealed that he's been working up some new riffs for his band.

Speaking with Bass Player, Chancellor offered an update on what he's been doing with his time of late, detailing various collaborations, but he ended his comments stating, "I’ve written some interesting riffs which will be reserved for Tool!"

That's good news for Tool fans given the band's penchant for perfection and lengthy delays between albums. Back in April, Tool drummer Danny Carey even suggested the possibility of writing a full Tool EP during quarantine. The band made a triumphant return in 2019 with their Fear Inoculum record and the idea that the group's members are using this downtime to look ahead musically has to be viewed as a positive.

But it should be noted that Tool isn't the only thing on Chancellor's plate. The bassist also revealed, "I’m working on tracks for a second MTVoid album/EP with Peter Mohamed, who is in Poland. It looks like it will have some cool guest contributions. I’ve been adding bass lines to a project headed by Canadian director Jimmy Hayward, as well as bouncing some ideas around with Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy. After taking part in a Berklee Bass Department webinar recently, I’ve been invited to contribute to Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten’s upcoming Bass Extremes record. And last, but not least, I’ve written some interesting riffs which will be reserved for Tool!"

Tool recently postponed their spring North American tour and currently have no other dates on their tour schedule.

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