I feel like a clueless and out of touch parent because I had no idea what a JUUL was or what the term "JUULing" meant.

A JUUL is a vaping device that doesn't look like a vaping device at all, and it's becoming really popular with teens. It looks just like a USB flash drive. It even charges when plugged into a laptop.

According to NBC25, this brand of vape alone accounts for half of the e-cigarette market. In 2016, the company saw a 700 percent increase in sales, more than $322 million. It is marketed as an adult alternative to cigarettes.

The girls in the video above are only 12 years old and they know exactly what a JUUL is. You can bet when I get home tonight, I'm going to ask my kid who's also 12 if he knows what JUULing is. I'm so hoping he says no.