I cannot even begin to fathom spending $250,000 on a manicure. Are you effing kidding? Apparently Kelly Osbourne was wearing nail polish containing black diamonds at the Emmy Awards, tweeted about it and ended up offending people.

Kelly (or Ozzy), I imagine do have the money to pay for such a luxurious 'hand job'. However, Ms. Osbourne did not have to pay for it. Nonetheless she faced some back lash and responded with the following tweet:

“I see that my nail polish has offended some of you, however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience, please forgive me for not regretting it, it made me feel like a queen!”

I feel like there are plenty of other things going on in the world to be angry about other than freaking nail polish. That being said, I bet there are people out there that do spend money on this polish. Can you imagine? I really can't.