It is common practice now for bands to charge a fee for a meet and greet. During a typical M&G you will get a picture with the band, and maybe a t-shirt or poster. Sure that is cool, but how about being 5-year-old and asked to go on stage with the Foo Fighters? That my friend, is priceless.

This is certainly not the first stage guest, or kid for that matter to be asked up on stage by Dave Grohl and the guys - but he is definitely the cutest. Watch as he dances like crazy while the band plays 'All My Life'. This kid is a star.

It used to be that big boobs would catch a band members attention, not always the case now. This kid was holding a sign that read something about this particular show being his first concert. Not the most original, but it worked out (to say the least).

Maybe I will take Chris Monroe to a show. I will make a sign to hold that reads, 'HEY LOOK AT THIS GIANT BOOB' - with an arrow pointing to Chris of course. Wah Wah.


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