It does not matter if you like KISS or not, this is pretty damn cool. The band is doing their part to support veterans by hiring one as a roadie for their summer tour with Motley Crue.

This is part of the 'Hiring our Heroes' movement. So many veterans risk their lives for us, and come back to unemployment. This group is dedicated to making sure our men and women who have served are not forgotten upon returning home.  I think that is awesome!

The veteran who is hired will travel with the band from July, 14 through September 25, 2012, according to MSNBC.  Applicants are NOT required to have a carpentry background, but duties will include putting together stage sets, running effects during show and tear down.

If you are a veteran or know someone who is and would like to apply, send an email and resume to  Good luck!  It would be one hell of a job!