KISS guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley offered his commentary on the surge of mass shootings in the U.S. following last week's Midland-Odessa shooting that killed seven and injured 25. Airing his thoughts on social media, the musician posited that "prayers and sympathy are not enough."

Stanley's Sept. 1 Twitter comments came alongside a photo showing a group of locals huddling around what appears to be a wounded person on the road following the deadly mass shooting. The image was published by The Sun among others.

"We don't have more 'crazy' or 'mentally unstable' people in the US," Stanley said. "What we DO have are commonplace mass shootings with automatic and semi-automatic high powered firearms. THAT cannot be disputed. Tell me what we and our government must do. Prayers and sympathy are not enough."

He continued, "I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER but am asking for everyone's thoughts. Anyone who thinks I should 'stay in my lane' should leave now. This is MY house. If you DO have opinions why shouldn't I? In this case I will leave up some of those dopey comments for your enjoyment. Not again."

Following a traffic stop in Midland Saturday, the alleged shooter indiscriminately fired an AR-style, military-grade weapon at other drivers before hijacking a mail truck to Odessa, some 20 miles away, where he was then killed by police.

According to Gun Violence Archive, 287 mass shootings have occurred in the U.S. in 2019.

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