Canadian metal outfit Kittie are on the road in support of their sixth studio album, ‘I’ve Failed You,’ and now, the gals are gearing up to release a best-of compilation this fall.

“Not So… Safe” will arrive on Sept. 11 via eOne Music. The set will span the band’s entire catalog, featuring songs from ‘Spit’ (1999), ‘Oracle’ (2001), ‘Safe’ (2002), ‘In the Black’ (2009) and ‘I’ve Failed You’ (2011). Check out the full track listing below.

Loudwire recently caught up with frontwoman Morgan Lander, who said that reuniting with bass player Trish Doan came at the perfect time.

“It’s been really fun,” Doan exclusively told Loudwire. “Trish has been one of my best friends for quite a while and it was really nice to have her back. It wasn’t something we originally thought would actually happen just because of job logistics and that stuff – she expressed interest right away and it just worked out. We’re happy to have her back.”

Doan added that making music with Kittie over a decade after the band first got together has been an adventure. “… I’m 30 years old now and when ‘Spit’ came out I was 17 years old, so there’s a good 12, 13 years of life experience, of touring professionally, of being immersed in the industry and also learning your instruments and getting deeper into the metal scene,” she said. “Even if we didn’t try obviously our music would have evolved over time just by default and by sheer being thrown into the water. It definitely has not been a conscious effort to try to evolve the way that we have I think it’s all been very natural – with every album you can hear the progression.”

Read more of Loudwire’s interview with Lander here.

Kittie, ‘ Not So … Safe’ – Track Listing:

01. Brackish

02. Charlotte

03. Spit

04. Paper Doll

05. What I Always Wanted

06. Run Like Hell

07. Safe (KMFDM Inc. Remix)

08. Into The Darkness

09. Look So Pretty

10. Cut Throat

11. My Plague

12. Do You Think… (live)

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