Tony Tucker, owner of Krystal Jo's Diner in Flint is attempting to collect 1,000 bikes for their annual kids' bicycle giveaway.

The goal is to get bikes into the hands of kids that want or need a bike. On June 9th Kids need to be at Holms STEM Academy and Neithercut Elementary in Flint and simply register.  At the moment Tucker has over 500 bikes in storage but looking to double that number by the giveaway date.

To get involved, get out in that garage and pull out those old bikes that you know you'll never use again and drop them off at Krystal Jo's Diner on Fenton Road. They're also accepting new bikes as well. I've got a bike hanging from my garage ceiling that my kid barely used when he was little so I'm going to get it down this weekend and drop it off.

There's also going to b a benefit show at The Machine Shop hosted by 711 Entertainment on March 31st. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the drive to help the kids of Flint.

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