This past Tuesday, the 'L.A. Guns Reunion Tour' rolled into Flint and absolutely blew away fans with their performance at The Machine Shop.

It was so awesome seeing Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis on stage performing together. I was in 9th grade when the band released their debut album in January of 1988. I swear I lived in my L.A. Guns T-shirt, I wore until that sucker until fell off my body. So this was really an important show for me and obviously other fans too because it was completely sold out.

The guys tore through a set that included 'Electric Gypsy', 'Sex Action', 'Bitch is Back', 'Never Enough', 'Ballad of Jayne', and so many more. Going a show that features a band from the 80s, you sometimes expect the me I've been disappointed many times. That was not the case with L.A. Guns, they sounded solid from start to finish. I was floored as to how good they sounded. They truly left one hell of an impression after all these years.

The band's latest album 'The Missing Peace' was released in 2017

Thanks to Mintypics for all the awesome photos from the show.

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