Cristina Scabbia rocks out every time she’s onstage with Lacuna Coil, and all that performing requires some proper fuel. We’re talking real food, not processed, mystery ingredients. Speaking with Gilles Lartigot of “Heavy Metal Food” on the Radio Metal website, Scabbia chatted about food, which she calls one of her “biggest passions,” and what kind of grub she and the guys of Lacuna Coil crave on tour.

“We are lucky because on [this past winter’s Gigantour], we [had] proper catering, which doesn’t really happen that often when you’re on tour, because the problem of being on tour is that you cannot have your kitchen, you cannot have your food available and that’s really important, at least for us, as a band…” she said. “We love to eat. We love to eat quality food, and we don’t like processed food that much.”

She added, “So that [can be] a problem, because we can totally feel that processed food has a different impact on our bodies. I can totally feel it if I eat some stuff that’s not natural … I can totally feel it when I wake up — my stomach feels kind of weird. Now, I got used to it, [and] the guys got used to it, and we act like to indulge into junk food every once in a while. But after a while, we just like to eat good food.”

In other news, Lacuna Coil are set to set sail in the Caribbean for the third edition of the 70,000 Tons of Metal festival.

Watch Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil’s Interview with ‘Heavy Metal Food’:

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