Congratulations are in order for a local entertainer. Duffy Connolly of Lapeer, recently took first place in a singing contest in Tennessee called 'Music City Superstar'. Duffy took top prize, $1000 dollars, for his original song called '1969'.

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The competition was open worldwide to solo performers only. There were separate categories for kids, teens, and adults. As you will hear (and see) in the video below, '1969' was a very emotional song for Duffy to write and perform. Dealing with the pandemic has been difficult on all of us, and Duffy sings about that as well as recently losing his best friend to cancer.

I asked Duffy how he felt when his name was announced as the winner,

As they were announcing all the kid, teen, & adult winners .. for the online AND live portions of the contest .. I was telling my buddy “there’s no way, with those couple AMAZING teens, and the 4-5 INCREDIBLE adult voices, that I’m gonna win this whole thing.

Then .. they called my name and I couldn’t breath for a second. I was in shock. The rest was kind of like a dream. I didn’t remember what I said or how I said it. I just was running on auto pilot.

But the thing that gave me the most “feels” was .. One of the judges was with a group that plays huge events around the world and was even on Jimmy Kimmel. He came up to me and said “Brother .. not only did you play an original song but .. it was a GREAT SONG! Many people play originals, but not many are that great. But, on top of that, your delivery was flawless. You had EVERYONE in that crowd RIVETED. Your voice is beautiful. And you deserve this! I can’t wait to check out your YouTube page and hear more from you!”

Winning $ is always great! BUT ... To “touch” people’s hearts (especially in TN/Nashville area) validates the fact that I AM a good song writer!  And THAT’s .. what I have ALWAYS wanted!

It confirmed to you, what we have always known Duffy - you are one hell of a talent. Congratulations to you!

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