Things look bad when it comes to the NBA Lockout.  I knew the NFL wouldn't miss a game when it came to their labor dispute, but the NBA might miss a whole season.  But basketball fans need not worry, because the Lingerie Basketball League is here.  Check out the pics and story.


Women's Basketball sucks.  I'm not talking about 7th grade girls, I'm talking about women trying to play high level basketball. First of all, I don't get why chicks insist on playing with a 10 foot hoop. If they swallowed their pride and went to a 9 footer, the game would be considerably better. The NCAA women's tournament is always unwatchable and the WNBA is even worse.  The NBA has said it's losing money, but they finance the WNBA.  Cut those chicks off and we'll be watching the Pistons again in no time.


79 people were at this game, all of which were either with a girl scout troop or a lesbian.


But the Lingerie  Basketball League is bringing Women's Hoops back into the public eye.  I found out about it at and I'm pretty pumped. The league motto is "Where Beauty Meets Hardwood." so it's not like they are taking themselves too seriously. There are 4 teams in the league,The  Beauties, The Divas, The Glam, and The Starlets, all based in LA. The LBL also has a few rule changes from the standard game, including using the high school 3 point line,  no defensive 3 second rule, and the game is played in 20 minute halves(in underwear).