After seven years apart, it seems that Ed Kowalczyk is fronting Live again. Signs point to the notion that the two parties have worked out the differences that caused them to split in 2009.

Alternative Nation noticed that yesterday (Nov. 16), the band changed the photo on their Facebook page to an old picture that includes their original lead singer. Meanwhile, Kowalczyk did something similar, uploading a picture of himself with the group’s logo superimposed, and also changed the About section to call himself the “Lead Singer/Songwriter of LIVE.”

Without any official statement from the band, we don’t know if this fence-mending will result in an album or a tour. But it does appear to put an end to one of the ugliest breakups of a ‘90s band. In 2009, they had planned to spend a couple of years away from each other, but it quickly got ugly, with Kowalczyk being sued by the other three members a year later for unpaid publishing royalties. Another suit followed in 2012, with the band trying to stop their former singer from billing himself as “Ed Kowalczyk of Live” on tour and seeking $2 million in damages.

Kowalczyk was first out of the gate to record new music, with Alive coming in 2010 and The Flood and the Mercy in 2013, after which he embarked on a solo acoustic tour that he called “I Alone.” Live for their part, hired Chris Shinn to replace Kowalczyk, which led to 2014’s The Turn. That record was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, who helmed three previous Live albums, including their 1994 breakthrough Throwing Copper.

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