This story does not get any easier to hear or read about. Additional details on the death of a 5-month-old Mt. Morris Township boy were revealed in court yesterday. Both the mother of the child and the man involved are facing multiple charges.

Detective Bret Orvis told the judge that Rico Riggs, 19, admitted to kicking covers that the baby, Jordan Algee Jr., was wrapped up in. Riggs confessed to 'spazzing out' after going through a cell phone belonging to Temara Reed, the mother of the boy. Riggs told authorities Reed had been talking to ex-boyfriends and that they were coming over to her house. Reed was not home at the time Riggs was going through her phone. When she got home the baby was crying and would not stop. Eventually, the pair took the baby to McLaren Flint where he later died.

As you can imagine, the pair lied in the beginning, but the truth eventually came out. Reed and Riggs both remain custody.

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