How many of us have that one set of lucky numbers that we always seem to play the lotto or keno and nothing ever hits? I sure do.

A Pennsylvania man who also has been playing the same "lucky" numbers for years decided to change things up a little bit and play the numbers that were in his fortune cookie that was with his lunch. Good thing he stopped for Chinese that day and decided to play those numbers.

The ticket that he played the numbers with and won the Mega Millions turned out to be a pay off of $1 Million dollars. Not too shabby. The man who won said he plans on paying off his house and become debt free then put the rest of the winnings in a saving account. The lottery that the guy won was in fact from the state of New Jersey and not Pennsylvania where he lives. He commutes to work every day to Jersey. If that is what it takes to win the lotto then its time for a road trip. Just not to Ohio.


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