Lucy Pinder -- star of 'Strippers and Werewolves' -- is under fire for a couple of ads she did for Lynx deodorant because they are "degrading to women" and too sexual. I thought that you could get away with murder in any advertisement coming from the European Community -- damn the man!

The Advertising Standards Authority put their fist down stating:

"We considered that the various activities that Ms Pinder carried out were presented in a sexually provocative way, and that alongside the focus on Ms. Pinder’s cleavage … were likely to be seen as gratuitous and to objectify women.

We considered that was emphasised by the text ‘Can she make you lose control?’ … and the invitation to ‘Play with Lucy’, which we considered would also be seen as degrading to women.

We therefore concluded that the ads were likely to cause serious and widespread offence.”

If using sex to sell a product targeted towards men is wrong, what has this world come to? I don't care what the ASA has to say -- damn the man and air these commercials -- American ad agencies should take note and provide more sexy ads right here in our own backyard.

Watch the controversial c commercials.