Customers in Burton and Davison Township may notice fluctuations in water pressure on Wednesday and Thursday this week due to some maintenance work being done at the new Genesee County Water Treatment plant.

According to ABC12, The routine maintenance will be carried out for the first time in the plant's 18-month history. The plant will continue operating during the project and water quality will not be affected.

This shouldn't affect residents whatsoever aside from the possibility of a change in water pressure. If you notice a change, just go on with your day, you won't have to take any action.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the maintenance can call 810-793-5123 during the day or 810-762-3626 for emergencies.

It's weird that this story popped up today because I had weird water pressure fluctuation at my house in Grand Blanc today. Anyone else have an issue? This happened a couple of times last week too.

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