One thing that I do during my overnight shows during the week is that I find the most outrageous news article that I can find and pass it along to you for the dumbass of the day.

Today's dumbass of the day is a good one. A Tenessee man who was riding his bike (10 speed) late last night ended up with a flat tire and went to a house to ask for help. He saw no one was home and decided to break into the house and wait to ask for a ride. Mind you the weather was not bad nor was the guy hurt.

After waiting around the guy then just makes himself at home by fixing some food taking a bath and washing his clothes. What? Once the homeowner came home from work and seen the dude standing naked in the hallway (he was taking his bath) they called the police. The dude was arrested and was issued a $6,000 bond. All due to a flat tire on his bike. Talk about a home invasion. Yikes.

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