It's not every day you see a camel in Michigan, much less strolling through the aisles of a PetSmart.

According to ABC12, Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo recently brought "Jeffrey" the camel into a Muskegon PetSmart for an afternoon stroll.

PetSmart allows a variety of pets in the store but camels aren't on that list. Regardless, they allowed Jeffrey in and as you can see in the video below, it was an awesome treat for shoppers.

While walking through the aisles of Petsmart, pretty much every shopper had their phone out to catch a photo or video of Jeffrey. I assume so they could prove to their friends they weren't lying when they said they saw a camel walking through the store.

List of pets allowed in Petsmart:

  • Domestic dogs and cats
  • Birds
  • Small animals and reptiles sold at PetSmart (including, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, rats, certain geckos, bearded dragons, specific types of snakes, specific types of frogs, certain types of birds)
  • Other non-venomous reptiles
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Pot-bellied pigs

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