This creep has taken "horsing around" to a whole new level.  Texas resident, Cirilo Castillo was caught on tape having his way with a horse in his neighbor's barn.  Normally a horse does the bucking, and in this case Castillo did the f***ing.

I am not sure why the horse owner was reviewing surveillance tapes, but thankfully she did.  According to the Daily Mail she notified authorities and the horse raper was arrested.  Police say Cirillo also admitted to having sex with a different horse too.  Serial horse raper?

When asked why he did this, Cirillo said quote:

"Why buy a whore when you can f*** a horse for free?"

Okay, I made that quote up.  Who cares what this creep has to say?  They should send him to the glue factory.  If there is any justice, he will be heading to prison, where I am sure someone would love to ride this jack ass bare back.