Burger King is being flame-broiled with charging a man over $1,000 for a Whopper.

The fast-food chain recently launched a promotion that you can get a Whopper for a penny if you order by using their app within 600 feet of a McDonald's restaurant. Seems pretty easy right? One California man might disagree with you on that.

Boyce Harvey decided to try out this unconventional promotion and score himself what is essentially a free burger. He followed the directions and placed his order. When Boyce showed up to his local Burger King, the manager said it was not in their system.

So the guy ordered another through the app and it went through. He paid with a debit card and went to enjoy his penny Whopper. Unfortunately for him, that's not the end of the story.

After he finished his burger the customer noticed that he was charged a whopping $1,093.91, not a penny, for his Whopper. WTF? His bank account did not have enough funds to cover the purchase and he was hit with a large overdraft fee. That better have been one tasty burger.

Burger King's officials are working to correct the mistake.

Source: Upi.com

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