If you've ever wanted to take your creeper game to the next level -- this is the mask that can get you there.

This is one of those things that made me do a double take while scrolling through my news feed, immediately followed by me audibly whispering "what the f*************k?" to myself in confusion. It's not every day you see something this random and unusual for sale on Facebook.

The man claims that the silicone mask, recently posted to a Flint Facebook resale group, was made by a professional special effects make-up artist who has worked on the X-Men and Nightmare on Elm Street films, as well as others. However, high quality comes at a high price... in this case -- $500. While it is a cool mask, I don't see there being much of a market for it at that price.

The owner says he's worn it to area stores (Walmart, Kroger) without being noticed, and says the mask is for pranks, movies, etc. On the other hand, if you're just a weirdo who wants to creep people out by looking like the love child of Freddy Krueger and the Grandpa from 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' -- it works for that too.


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