While house-sitting for his parents, a dude from California set their home on fire while trying to kill spiders with a blowtorch.

Instead of using his brain and simply kill the spiders with insecticides, he thought it would be a better idea to grab a handheld propane torch and cook the hell out of them. While he more than likely burned all the spiders, he also burned the hell out fo his parent's home. According to ABC News, the flame from the torch went in between some of the cracks and the siding and into the interior of the wall. It started a small fire within the wall that then travelled up into the attic through the wall space and into the attic which caused a larger fire.

Ultimately, the moral of the story is...don't use fire to kill spiders inside a home. If you're outside and not near the home, I guess it's okay to fry spiders with a blowtorch. That's a sentence I will probably never say again in my life lol.

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