During my overnight air shift on the Banana (during the week 12 AM to 5 AM) around 3 AM there is part of the show that I call the "Dumbass Alert of the Day." Where I track down the craziest stories I can find from across the country and share them with you.

I found a real doozy of a story for tonight. Down in Vera Beach Florida on Monday, a 69-year-old man was pulled over by local police for suspected drunk driving. When the officers smelled booze and saw a brown paper bag in the passenger seat, they issued a sobriety. After he failed the test he explained to the police that he was not drinking and driving, but he was drinking while he was stopped at traffic signals and stop signs.

No matter how stupid or funny your excuse is -- drinking and driving is still drinking and driving. Just ask the 69-year old who is now in jail and facing DUI charges. Uber up people.

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