Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti has outlined the unique details on how he plans to release the songs from his upcoming solo album 'All I Was.'

Mark Tremonti will break away from the two popular rock acts he is normally associated with to delve into heavier material on his first solo release 'All I Was.' Though the website for the 'Tremonti Project' lists a tentative release for this spring, Mark recently told The Pulse of Radio that most of the album will be available before the official release:

"We’re trying to do it different. We’re trying to every month put out two songs with, you know, your ringtones, your T-shirts, with – I’m gonna do instructional DVDs and the other guys will do instructional stuff, tutorials on how to play the songs and whatnot. After six months we'll release the whole album, and if everybody downloads the songs along the way, they’ll get a signed copy of the whole record. We’ll do everything we can to make it appealing to people.”

Wait a minute, is each song going to have it's own t-shirt? Sounds like a pretty intensive release plan. Joining Tremonti on his outing as a singer as well as lead guitarist are backing vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Eric Friedman (ex-Submersed, Creed touring guitarist) and drummer Garrett Whitlock.

Tentative 'All I Was' Tracklist

o1. 'All I Was'
02. 'Brains'
03. 'So You're Afraid'
04. 'You Waste Your Time'
05. 'Decay'
06. 'New Way Out'
07. 'Leave it Alone'
08. 'Wish You Well'
09. 'Don't Claim'
10. 'Proof'
11. 'Gone'
12. 'All That I Got'
13. 'Giving Up'
14. 'Doesn't Matter'

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