Over 135,159 lbs of Banquet Salisbury Steaks have been recalled and the most unbelievable part is that, in 2018, people are still eating enough Salisbury Steak for there to be that much of it in circulation.

Conagra Foods are recalling all 27-ounce cartons of “Banquet Family Size Salisbury Steaks and Brown Gravy Made with Chicken Pork, and Beef.” Holy s***! Is that actually the full name of the product? They legit put all of that on the front of the box and people still buy it?

Anyway, all packages with the lot code 5006-8069-10-05 and a “Best By” date of Sept. 1, 2019, are being recalled due to potential contamination with extraneous materials, specifically bone, the USDA discovered. The "steaks" in question were shipped nationwide, and have the USDA mark of inspection with establishment number “P-115” on the side of the box.

Listen, I'm not here to food-shame anyone... well, maybe I am a little bit. I won't pretend like there wasn't a time when I wouldn't go down on a microwaveable Salisbury Steak or two, but it's 2018 and I'm not broke anymore. I just feel like we, as a people, should be beyond Salisbury Steak at this point.

Sure, Salisbury Steak may have bested SPAM for the title of "Broke Boy Meat of the Year" every other year from 1973 and 1989, but that was in a time when things like smoking in hospitals and shopping at K-Mart were still commonplace. We have better options now, people. Treat yo' self.

Do yourself a solid and, whether they're recalled or not, stop eating dumpster meat products like this. "Made with Chicken, Pork, and Beef," come on now. Who do they think they are -- hot dogs? Spoiler alert -- they are not.

I also find it pretty ironic that the box in the pic above advertises their campaign to end child hunger. You know how you really end child hunger? Put Salisbury Steak in front of a hungry child. The answer was right there all along. Seriously, it actually says "child hunger ends here" on the box and that is the most literal statement I've ever seen in print.

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