Bassist Matt DiRito and drummer Hayley Cramer of Pop Evil made a surprise visit to the Grand Blanc Food Truck Fest and watched a concert BEFORE their concert, starring some incredibly talented youngsters from Michigan!

The members of Pop Evil are some of the most genuine and humble artists, and it was no surprise to find out that they were totally on board to make a stop at the festival (which took place at Grand Blanc High School) to see and meet a band called 3rd Degree Burns. The band is part of a non-profit organization called the Young Musicians Community and is comprised of a large group of students, of all ages, from different parts of the state. These kids are incredibly talented and cover a wide variety of music...they even covered Avenged Sevenfold, and that TOTALLY made my day! Matt and Hayley watched them jam, signed some posters, took some pictures, and Matt even gave tips to the awesome bass player after the show! They also climbed the fire truck ladder and went on up for a view of the area, before receiving a key to the City of Grand Blanc. After the event, Matt & Hayley both said they had an amazing time and were inspired by the brilliance of the students. The food was delicious, the band rocked, the rain held off for a while, and the day was a total win.

Andrea Love Townsquare Media
Andrea Love Townsquare Media

Special thanks to coordinator Wendy Jean-Buhrer, Mayor Susan J. Soderstrom, Gary Burns (3rd Degree Burns band manager) and Grand Blanc City Police for the band escort.

Warning. The video was sped up to hyper speed to keep it short enough for the general attention span of people in 2017. It gave Tony LaBrie slight motion sickness. Proceed with caution. Ha!

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