After a month of voting and over eight thousand votes, Soya Suicide was crowned our ‘SuicideGirl of the Year’ by the readers of this website and lovers of all things SuicideGirls.

In celebration of her victory, we sat down with Soya to discuss her tattoos, her wizardry and exactly why she hates the word hobby.

GuySpeed: Is the mark above your eyebrow in honor of Harry Potter or do you actually know wizardry?

Soya: I’m sorry, but according to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy I’m not supposed to discuss these sort of things with Muggles. You understand.

GuySpeed: Your current crush is comedian Demetri Martin. What do you like about him?

Soya: What’s not to like? His stand-up routine is brilliant! He’s a perfect mixture of smart-ass and nerdy. He’s witty and kinda looks like he could be a Beatle. I think it’s safe to say he’s a certified dreamboat!

GuySpeed: Your sign is a ‘Cancer-Leo’ so you must be on the cut off date between the two signs. Doesn’t it suck being on a cut off date?

Soya: I like having a cusp sign. Cancer is a water sign and Leo is a fire sign, so I’m sorta paradoxical by nature. It keeps things interesting.

GuySpeed: Do you have a favorite tattoo? A least favorite?

Soya: Hmm. I don’t have a favorite anything. I’m so indecisive! My panda tattoos can tie for favorite if that counts. My least favorite is my Medusa chest piece. It is supposed to look similar to a WoW character, but a lot of people think it’s me and I get asked about that more often than I’d like. I plan to get it lasered off a bit and then covered up with a panda sugar skull and black roses in a few months because three pandas on my body just doesn’t seem to be enough. It’ll be my last one though.

GuySpeed: Why do you hate the word hobby? We know a lot of women that hate the word ‘moist.’ How do you feel about moist?

I just don’t like the way it looks. “Obby” annoys me for some reason. Moist is okay, but if you’re using it to describe a body part you can GTFO! Something about it just creeps me out.

GuySpeed: Your profile says you like ‘being picked up.’ Do you mean literally off the ground or you like being hit on? We can do either. Just ask.

Soya: HAHA! I meant literally! I’m very petite, so it’s fun seeing the world from a higher viewpoint. You wouldn’t think it, but everything looks a lot smaller! Plus, it makes me feel like a princess. I’m actually pretty shy when I get hit on, so I don’t like it too much. I never know what to say and I just sit there awkwardly and smile. I’m kinda dorky.

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Photos courtesy of Lorelei Suicide.