This service starts tomorrow. I better start preparing a good reason to call in to work "sick" on Wednesday. 

The deliveries will be made possible thanks to the Shipt app, a service that you can also buy groceries and home goods for delivery from, and users will need to prove that they are 21 or older. According to the Detroit Free Press website, Meijer's vice president of digital shopping Art Sebastian says  "We've received an incredible amount of feedback from customers wanting to take advantage of our large selection of craft beers and wine,". Uh, YEEEAAAHHH! You mean, I can sit at home and order drinks? Why hasn't anyone thought about this long ago is my only question! You can get more details on how the service will work here. If you need me tomorrow night, I'll be home on the couch in my undies, drinking Michigan Craft Beer and trying to figure out how I'm gonna tell LaBrie that I'm not coming to work.

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