Honestly, I don't know why guys don't get massages regularly. Maybe it has something to do with the embarrassment and a fear of being in what they think is going to be an awkward situation. I know some feel massages are a "chick thing" and are afraid their buddies will make fun of them. It could be a simple fact that they've never had a massage because they don't know why they should go in the first place or how to get started. Well, I'm here to tell you massages rock and here's why.

I started going to LaVida Massage of Grand Blanc earlier this year. I was going a couple of times a month and for the first time in a very long time, I felt great. My stress level went down, my posture improved, I had more energy, and my body felt better than ever before.

Tony LaBrie
Tony LaBrie

Reduces Stress: I found the stress levels in my life significantly went down after I started getting massages regularly. A massage can also help with headaches, high blood pressure and hangovers (trust me, it really does).

Improves Posture: I'll be the first to admit, I have a horrible posture which is primarily caused by sitting at a desk all day hunched over my computer keyboard. I was wearing posture braces to try to correct the issue (which was also causing back pain) but they really didn't work. Again, it was a regular massage that did the trick.

Increased Energy: Like so many people, I was relying on coffee and energy drinks to get me through the day. I was tired all the time, mainly because I was drinking those horrible energy drinks and I wasn't sleeping very well at night. Every time I would get a massage, my energy level was through the roof and I felt so good that I didn't need energy drinks anymore.

Sleep Better: I've always had issues with sleep, not so much falling asleep but rather staying asleep. Ever since I started getting massages regularly, I sleep great and I stay asleep all night.

I could sit here all day telling you about all the benefits that come from getting massages regularly at LaVida Massage of Grand Blanc but honestly, you won't truly understand those benefits until you try it yourself.

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