Sometimes there are stories out there that just make you feel good. This is one of them.

Everyone has many different stories of putting a letter in a bottle and throwing it out to the sea wondering how far the message will go and if anyone will get it. Let alone respond to it.

An 8-year old Scottish girl decided to send one out to sea and fingers crossed someone would get it and bring a smile to their day. The young girl and her father chose a local beach off the coast of Scotland to launch her bottle back in November of 2017. Almost a year and a half later she received an email from a family in Norway saying they found the bottle washed up on a beach in Feoy, a small Norwegian island 300 miles across the North Sea. Now the two families have become close friends.

I have heard of other stories of families launching letters with balloons in the past but this one just brought a smile to my face and wanted to share a feel-good story. That all of us can sit back and smile at.



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