Marvel's newest character spotlight Black Widow dropped its trailer just two days ago. As expected, it's attracted a lot of attention since then. The very same day Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, took to Twitter to speculate on the numerous similarities between Black Widow and the MGS video game series on which the movie is based.

This is the initial tweet he posted to start the conversation:

While he starts with the phrase "honest question," it's hard to believe that Vogt-Roberts is having doubts on whether or not Marvel is ripping off Metal Gear Solid. Just look at that exclamation mark! It's dripping with sarcasm!

To further make his argument, the Kong: Skull Island director draws comparisons between costuming choices and fighting styles in painstaking detail. At one point, he wonders to the Internet void: "I am VERY curious where ya’ll draw the blurry creative line between inspiration vs. straight lifting or strip mining?" So yeah. It's pretty clear the guy is not happy about the two movies' likeness.

Wanna feel really exhausted? Read the entire Twitter thread broken down tweet-by-tweet. Then  you can decide for yourself if Vogt-Roberts has a valid point, or if he's standing on shaky ground.

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