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Metallica delivered their Helping Hands livestreamed concert and auction last night, in support of their All Within My Hands charity foundation.

The performance took place in their San Rafael HQ in Northern California, and featured an eight-track acoustic set followed by a surprise six-track full-power electric set. You can see the full set list below, along with the acoustic “Blackened” and the electric “re-imagined” version of “Disposable Heroes.”

“We’re super-grateful to be a part of this, and glad you’re hear to witness it and be a part of it as well,” frontman James Hetfield said. “All your help is very much appreciated. And the fact that we get to play [is] a big bonus, right? We get to play, we get to employ some people here, we get to help out – it’s a win-win-win everywhere.”

The band were placed in the center of a four-walled video set, connected zoom-style with some of the fans who’d signed up for the show. Hetfield described it as “the closest we can get to having a crowd.” Guest musicians Avi Vinocur and Henry Salvia helped fill out the sound, while Hetfield’s son Castor and Lars Ulrich’s son Layne provided backup during “All Within My Hands.” In between songs the band spent a great deal of time talking to the "attending" fans individually.

Their show featured three cover versions – Deep Purple’s “When A Blind Man Cries,” Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” and their debut of “The House of the Rising Sun.” Also included was “Wasting My Hate,” which they hadn’t played live since 2011.

Metallica - ‘Blackened’

Metallica - ‘Disposable Heroes’ Reimagined Version

Metallica - ‘Helping Hands Concert and Auction’ Set List

Acoustic set
1. “Blackened”
2. “Creeping Death”
3. “When A Blind Man Cries”
4. “The Unforgiven”
5. “Now That We're Dead”
6. “Turn The Page”
7. “Nothing Else Matters”
8. “All Within My Hands”

Electric set
9. “Disposable Heroes”
10. “House Of The Rising Sun”
11. “Wasting My Hate”
12. “For Whom The Bell Tolls”
13. “Master Of Puppets”
14. “Enter Sandman”


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