If you think you are skilled at foosball, take a chance at the state championships.

Coming up in just a couple of weeks, foosgadgets.com and Capital Area Table Soccer present the Michigan Foosball $10,000 State Championships. I love playing foosball, but I am terrible at it. I once thought I was a good player until a played a few games at Tony LaBrie's house. That is when I realized I suck.

When are the Michigan Foosball $10,000 State Championships?

If you are like Tony and can hang with good players, give this a go. The Michigan Foosball $10,000 State Championships takes place Friday, October 22nd through Sunday, October 24th, 2021 in Lansing. It is a Great Lakes Super Singles Main Event with cash, trophies, and jackets for prizes.

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Where do the Michigan Foosball $10,000 State Championships take place?

The competition will be taking place at Causeway Bay Hotels in Lansing. For those planning on staying the weekend, rooms can be purchased for $89 per night using the promo code "FOOS." Causeway Bay Hotels is located at 6820 S Cedar Street.

What events are scheduled for the State Championships?

  • Friday, October 22nd events include:
    • Rookie Singles
    • Pro Singles
    • Women's Singles
    • Expert Doubles
    • Beginner Singles
    • Open DYP
    • Open Singles
  • Saturday, October 23rd events include:
    • Amateur Singles
    • Women's Doubles
    • Open Doubles
    • Rooke Doubles
    • Great Lakes Super Singles
    • Expert Singles
  • Sunday, October 24th events include:
    • Beginner Doubles
    • Pro Doubles
    • Amateur Doubles
    • Open Mixed
    • Fastest Shot

Michigan Foosball Hall of Fame inductees will also be there on Saturday, October 23rd for the Hall of Fame Ceremony at 8 pm. Those inductees include Tony Bacon, Ralphe Sherwin, Rick Moeller, Eric Trombley, and Mike Stahl Sr.

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Source: IFPtour.com

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