It was a scary evening last night for some folks in Huron County after a man pointed and fired his gun at multiple motorists passing by his disabled vehicle on M-25.

According to ABC12, a 42-year-old man from Northville who was behind the gun was arrested in a rural area of Huron County early Friday morning.

Apparently two separate motorists that were passing by had pretty scary encounters with this guy near Lawitzke Road in Gore Township at about 9:45.

The first driver said this guy came running out of a ditch firing his gun while they slowed down to check on his disabled vehicle which was in the road. He then pointed the gun at them and demanded a ride but was denied. He did manage to strike their car with some bullets, so they got extremely lucky.

The second driver said the suspect jumped out of the ditch pointing his gun but didn't fire off any rounds.

According to ABC12, four police agencies, including a Michigan State Police helicopter and K-9 teams, set up a perimeter in the area. They could see the suspect with a weapon near the disabled vehicle.

The guy ran into the woods but thanks to their K-9 team they were able to track him down. He was arraigned earlier this morning.

I just want to know what in the hell was going on with this guy?

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