29-year-old Byron Ross of Detroit was arrested in December of 2017 for attempting to sell 4 live grenades. Yes, grenades, something which is intended for the military and destruction on the battlefield.

According to WDIV, Ross appeared Friday in U.S. District Court after pleading guilty to unregistered possession of a destructive device. Apparently, he was arrested after showing the grenades in his home to a confidential FBI source. The negotiated price for each grenade was $150. I don't know much about weaponry and the price of a grenade but that seems pretty cheap to me.

Again, these grenades weren't defused and for show or anything like that, these suckers were live, fully functional and contained a black powder explosive.

I'm glad this dude got basically a year in prison for each of the grenades he had in his possession. This is not something that should be floating around the streets of Detroit or anywhere for that matter.



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