A Michigan man that's been on the run since 1998 for back child support was recently arrested in Canada and brought back to the States.

Joseph Stroup changed his name to Joop Cousteau while living in Alberta. The 64-year-old fled the country after an indictment was filed in 1998 in federal court in Kalamazoo. According to WNEM, his overdue child support in Van Buren County now exceeds $500,000. All this stems from a 1989 divorce. The weird thing is, this dude sold an internet business for like $2 million. He could have easily avoided all this by coughing up the cash years ago.

I have zero pity for someone who doesn't take care of their responsibilities when it comes to children. So glad they got this dirtbag.

Apparently, his picture was on a U.S. government website that listed "wanted deadbeats" and a restaurant owner recognized him.