A Clare County man is now facing jail time after some crazy tweets.

A crazy man from Michigan appeared in federal court on Monday, March 20th after being charged with a series of crimes that stemmed from Twitter. The 50-year-old man tweeted threats against his neighbors as well as a Michigan Circuit Court Judge.

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According to reports from MLive, Jeremy S. Adams pleaded guilty in court on Monday to a charge that is punishable by up to five years in prison, three years of supervision, and a $250,000 fine. During the court appearance, Adams admitted to threats against his neighbors (including children,) as well as 55th Circuit Court Judge Roy G. Mienk and his wife.

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In Adams' first tweets in question on May 2nd threatened to kill his neighbors. Then on June 14th, his tweets turned toward Judge Mienk when he threatened not only to kill him but also his wife in a very disgusting way. Adams said in the tweets that he would make Judge Mienk watch as he killed his wife, put her through a meat grinder, and turn her into pasties. It doesn't end there as the tweets continue and threaten the lives of all of the judge's family in the area.

If you thought that wasn't crazy enough, Adams also offered his body to the Harvard Department of Psychology for research for $10 million.

Currently, Adams is awaiting sentencing. To read more and get more details, click here. The story gets creepier and creepier every time you read it.

Source: MLive

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