His joke is no longer funny. Actually, it really wasn't funny in the first place, but you see what I'm getting at. 

Hazel Park murder suspect Jordan McClanahan is on trial now for the death of 21-year old Jessica White. According to FOX 2 Detroit, McClanahan was arrested in May after admitting to killing her and hiding the body in his attic. Now McClanahan's ex-girlfriend has come forward to testify against him, saying he once joked about the fact that he could hide a dead body in the crawl space in his room. This is the exact crawl space where White's body was found, over a week after she went missing.

His bedroom was in an attic and happened to have a crawl space. That sounds fishy enough on it's own to me. I can only imagine her last few moments alive, and how terrifying it must have been alone with this man in the attic.

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