A 17-year-old kid is recovering after having what’s believed to be the first double lung transplant performed on a teen patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged due to vaping.

This kid was facing certain death from the damaged caused by vaping. The vaping forced his lungs to become extremely scarred and inflamed with multiple spots of dead tissue. Essentially his lungs were non-functional according to the doctor that performed the surgery. He was in such bad shape that he shot to the top of a national transplant list when most patients spend months waiting for a donor.

Doctors at Henry Ford Health System are pleading with people to stop vaping. I say at least stop until more facts are brought to the table about the health risks.

I don't vape so I don't know all the ins and outs that come with it. I see people online talking about how there's a difference from one user to another as to what their vaping and what they're using to vape. Is that true?

I think this story would freak me out enough to stop at least until I was fully aware of what I was doing to my body, but that's just me.

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