Yesterday marked the Fourth of July, so of course, Michiganders were setting off fireworks to celebrate. However, that has left us waking up to some not-so-great air quality.

The less-than-stellar air quality could mean some trouble breathing today in certain parts of the state. The Detroit-area has certainly been affected. Channel 7 (WXYZ) meteorologist, Mike Taylor took to his official Facebook page to let Detroiters know what is going on, and how to stay safe.

Firework smoke and fog are trapped at the surface with an inversion present, which prevents upward movement, combined with calm wind is lowering visibility and making the air unhealthy,

his Facebook post read.

His graphic noted that pregnant people, children and the elderly will be effected the most due to the poor air quality. He suggests keeping your air conditioning on with your windows shut, and using the recirculation setting when driving.

His other tips can be found on his graphic here:


Taylor's post has garnered plenty of attention on Facebook, some commenters noting that they noticed the air quality issues the night of the 4th.

There were so many [fireworks] being popped last night my daughter had to come back in. She was coughing like crazy,

one user wrote.

The birds are hanging out on the ground cuz they can't stand being in the trees,

another said.

If anything, I'd certainly take meteorologist Mike Taylor's advice on the A/C. According to him, July 4th was the start of Detroit's hottest stretch in the record books. He expects it to last through the 27th.

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