If you are a fan of the 'Rocky' franchise, you obviously know that 'Creed II' is in theaters now. While promoting the new movie, Michael B. Jordan relives being knocked out on the set of the first film.

To live up to the 'Rocky' standard, actors have to take the fight scenes seriously while filming. This was never more true for Michael B. Jordan on the set of the first 'Creed' movie. To make the boxing scene look authentic, real boxers were hired to act in the fight scenes. Sly Stallone convinced Jordan that in order for the shot to look real, he needed to take a real punch. Unfortunately, real punches produce real results, and Jordan was knocked the hell out.

'Creed II' is in theaters now and I have heard nothing but good things. Reliving the epic battle with Rocky, Ivan Drago, and Apollo will take you back to childhood. I can't wait to go see it. Check out the trailer for it below if you haven't seen it already.

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