The Michigan chapter of the ACLU will unleash a Smartphone app that will allow people to record unsavory situations involving police and then upload them directly to the ACLU.

It is called “Mobile Justice,” and it is intended to give the community a tool to tattletale on police officers that cannot keep their hands to themselves. Essentially, a user will be able to capture video of an incident and then send it over to the ACLU for review. If their team determines that officer acted inappropriately, they will file a complaint.

“The primary purpose of the app is to empower people," Darrell Dawsey, a spokesperson for the ACLU, told The Detroit Free Press. "We think that it's important because in this day and age, in a time when we're seeing so many lives, especially black and brown lives, being taken … we think that it's important to be able to document what's going on."

The app will be available on Wednesday for both Apple and Android systems.