I am well aware that people 'get off' sexually on a variety of things. To each his or her own UNLESS someone is being hurt or someone is an unwilling participant, as in this case. A Mt. Pleasant Chemical Bank manager was busted for putting a video camera in an employees only bathroom. Ugh.

An employee found the camera in a toilet paper roll and told bank manager, David Prawdzik. This is where this story gets interesting. Prawdzik, who again is the bank manager, attempted to destroy the camera and left the bank! Can you say guilty?

This perv eventually confessed to police that he indeed did put the camera in the bathroom. He had been recording bathroom video for the last couple of weeks. I have heard of 'dirty bankers', but this is a whole new level of dirty! This potty peeper was charged with capturing/distributing image of unclothed person, tampering with evidence, surveilling unclothed person, eavesdropping and using a computer to commit a crime.

He was placed on a $50,000 bond and is due back in court August 21st. This guy doesn't need his mouth washed out with soap, he needs his dirty mind washed!