You’ve heard of 99 bottles of beer on the wall, right? Well, how about 100 craft beers on tap? If not, you are about to.

A new Michigan restaurant and bar preparing to open its doors in East Lansing, intends to kick off their grand opening, later this month, by offering a world record setting 100 craft brews on draft.

To make this whole wild scene come to fruition, HopCat’s has partnered with Short’s Brewing Company, the brewer responsible for Bellaire Brown, Captain Fantasy, Hale Mary and a plethora of others, to make an attempt at being the first establishment to serve the most beer on tap from one brewing company.

On August 22, for one day only, HopCat’s will be slinging draft beers from Short’s extensive beer portfolio in hopes of beating the previous Guinness World Record holder of 70 beers on tap from one brewery - set back in 2012 in California.

To find out more about HopCat's, click here.

To explore the beer portfolio of Short's Brewing Co, click here.

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