Despite the use of flamethrowers being banned for combat operations by the Geneva Convention, a group of Michigan entrepreneurs are preparing to sell “the world’s first” commercial handheld flamethrower.

For around $900, the average citizen can now pre-order a fire-shooting device called the XM42, which weighs less than 8 pounds, and uses either gasoline or alcohol to provide the flame.

“Fill the tank with your fuel of choice, ignite the pilot torch, and press the fire button to send a stream of flaming fuel up to and beyond 25 feet away," according to their website. "It's every pyromaniac's dream, and it has numerous practical purposes!”

The proprietors of this hot concept claim the device can be used to clear weeds or melt snow and ice away from the driveway without the use of heavy work. But these types of devices were once used in wars as killing machines, which has some people, especially firefighters, concerned about the products safety.

Nevertheless, we want one…and, in all probability, so do you. For more information on how to get your hands on a flamethrower, click here.