There is no question… Michigan should legalize a recreational marijuana market in the next few years. Colorado and Washington, the forefathers of legal weed, are generating millions of dollars in state revenue, and there has been no destruction to society as a result.

Safer Michigan Coalition, the group pushing to legalize a cannabis market across the state, would like to see a cannabis industry emerge in the near future. "We think the example has been excellent in Colorado and we would love to see it replicated in Michigan," Chuck Ream, with SMC, told WNEM.

State Representative Jeff Irwin agrees, and claims the state could save a substantial amount of money by taxing and regulating marijuana similar to alcohol. "We spend somewhere around $300 million a year on arresting, incarcerating and trying people for possession of marijuana so immediately we can save those dollars we can redeploy those public safety resources to attacking real criminals," he said.

The good news is, Irwin plans to introduce legislation to legalize the leaf in the spring. He is hoping that the recent support for decriminalization will give the bill a stronger foothold in the state legislature. However, if it does not, there are plans to launch a voter initiative in 2016.

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