If you think true love does not exist, this story will change your mind.

A couple from Melvindale, Michigan recently took their last breaths together, while holding hands. Will and Judy Webb were married for 56 years and according to their three daughters, had a wonderful relationship. The pair were never far from one another and were always arm in arm.

Unfortunately after a recent surgery, Judy had complications. Judy reportedly coded and her loving husband could not handle it. His daughters found him collapsed at home the next day. The pair ended up in different hospitals and unfortunately did not get better. Will was eventually cared for by hospice, and that is when his daughters knew that their parents had to be together.

Earlier this month the pair were put in beds, side by side. Close enough to hold hands. Will passed first with Judy just a few hours after. What a beautiful love story. Thank you to their daughters for sharing their story with us.

I on the other hand, will most likely be holding a shot of tequila when I go. Cheers to Will and Judy.