A Michigan couple won big playing the lottery one day after their wedding.

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According to the New York Post, a 57-year-old Livingston County man purchased the winning Michigan Lottery scratch-off ticket at Prundenville E-Z Mart.

The newlywed, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked his bride to scratch the Diamonds & Pearls Michigan Lottery ticket. To the couple's surprise, the instant ticket was worth 1 million dollars. Talk about the best wedding gift ever.

One can't help but wonder if the man scratched the ticket himself, would he have told his new wife about winning big?

All kidding aside, the happy (and now rich) spouses opted for a lump sum payout of roughly $693,000.

The husband and wife can certainly afford to celebrate their nuptials on a fabulous honeymoon, however, according to Michigan Lottery Connect, the plan is to invest the money.

Michigan Lottery Connect
Michigan Lottery Connect

Talk about the best $10 this lucky man has ever spent.

You know what they say about the lottery, you can't win if you do not play. Here's to you becoming the next Michigan millionaire.

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